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BenQ Australia’s Green Initiative:

Preserving the environment for future generations has always been a key promise and aspiration for BenQ Australia. We are proud to develop extraordinary products that not only deliver enjoyment and practicality to the end user, but conform to environmental standards and regulations. However, recycling your used BenQ Products and Packaging is a different matter. Garbage goes in the trash; however, e-waste must not be discarded directly. Electronic products inevitably use chemical substances that might harm the environment. As part of BenQ Australia’s Green Initiatives, we recommend that users do not discard their electrical & electronic products as household waste, but refer to e-waste and electronic product recycling by specialized organizations. We implore you to follow our eco-friendly innovations today for a greener future tomorrow!

For Product Recycling:

Your BenQ products may contain hazardous materials.  While they pose no risk to you during normal use, they should never be disposed with other wastes.  BenQ Australia recommends that customers utilize a service a free recycling service for all electronic products, like Dropzone (, for your BenQ products so they can be properly recycled. This will ensure that your unwanted computer equipment is recycled responsibly. Simply input your location on the Dropzone website to find the vast number of locations where your products can be disposed of safely.

For Packing Material Recycling:

Simply place your unneeded BenQ Packaging Material into the relevant residential bin. Place cardboard and paper material in your Recycling bin and place Styrofoam, plastic and unwanted discs in the Garbage bin.



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