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BenQ 4K Monitor accomplish more with the clarity and beauty of 4K UHD
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Who is BenQ?

BenQ is the world's leading DLP 4K projector brand and a digital lifestyle device innovator. BenQ has long been known for unrivaled color accuracy in their devices, and in recent years, they have applied their color expertise to their gaming projectors. You can now enjoy big-screen gaming on three new 4K HDR smart projectors optimized for elite gaming performance.




Why Choose BenQ Gaming Projector?

1. Bigger is better! Your childhood dreams have come true; now you can play your favorite video games on a 100"+ screen in your own home.

2. Discover all the details and take in all the colorful visuals from your favorite video games.







BenQ 4K Monitor accomplish more with the clarity and beauty of 4K UHD




No matter where you game, BenQ has an option for you
elevate your 4K experience with HDRi technology



Build the ultimate game cave
with the X3100i

BenQ is one of the first monitor brands to prioritize eye-health



Transform any small room into
your own gaming zone with the X500i

Work and game with colors you can trust thanks to our proprietary color optimization technology



Create an immersive gaming station
in your bedroom with the X300G

BenQ Immersive Gaming Projectors



Find the Perfect PRJ infographic-FA
Introduce All Color Mode Software:

BenQ SettingXchange

Download expert projector image settings from top gamers and experience gameplay through the eyes of pros thanks to ready-made celebrity profiles. Share your projector image settings with fellow gamers to help them level-up their experiences, or import theirs. Experiment and find the best profile for you with this unique option!

Supported Model: X3100i, X500i, X300G



See the projectors in action at TwitchCon!



See the projectors in action at Tokyo Game Show!






BenQ Immersive Gaming Projectors
For Authentic Immersion




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