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Choosing Your Perfect 4K Movie Projectors

Top picks for movies, sports matches, streaming content, and the best budget 4K projectors!

4K Premium Home Theater Projector
4K Home Theater
4K Home Entertainment Projector
4K Ultra-Short Throw Laser TV Projector
Leading Local Contrast Enhancement

Dividing images into 1,000+ zones, Local Contrast Enhancer analyzes each segment’s brightness and adjusts gamma independently for greater dark and bright detail definition and enriched 4K image depth.

Tone Mapping

Through the use of Active Iris and Dynamic Black technology, BenQ cinema-optimized Enhanced Tone Mapping increases contrast to preserve details in dark areas of projected images.

Optimization According to the Ambient Light

New HDR10+ technology adds dynamic metadata to HDR10 source files, which is used to optimize each frame of the HDR video according to ambient light to enhance details in both bright and dark areas of HDR10+ content.

4K Projector for Home Theater

Are you ready for true 4K with CinematicColorTM like you’ve never seen? Make your movie collection come alive with BenQ home cinema projector.

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New !4K Laser| 100% DCI-P3 | HDR Pro Tone Mapping | Motorized Lens

4K LED | 100% DCI-3 | HDR Pro Tone Mapping | 2D Lens Shift

100% Rec.709 | HDR10 / HLG | 2000lm

4K Projector for Wireless Streaming

Feel the power of streaming content on a screen bigger than Smart TV. Feel free to navigate your entertainment world easily and smartly in your hand.

HDR PRO | Wireless | 3300lm | 98% Rec. 709

HDR-PRO | Wireless | 3000lm | 98% Rec.709

HDR-PRO | Wireless | 2200lm | 95% DCI-P3

4K Projector for Low Input Lag Gaming

With the world’s first 4K HDR low input lag gaming projector, you no longer have to choose between picture and performance.

3300 lmns | HDR | 100% DCI-P3

3000 lmns | HDR | 100% DCI-P3

2200 lmns | HDR | 95% Rec.709

2000 lmns | HDR | 95% Rec.709

4K projector for Sports & Movie

Live Sports in 4K! Get more out of sports with the best projector that puts you in the action as if you are in the stadium. Also, enough to enjoy movie night with your Friend & Family

HDR | 96% Rec.709 | 1.1X

HDR-PRO | 98% Rec.709 | 1.3X

What do you need to know before building your 4K Home Theater System?

The top 7 tips to help you pick out the right 4K DLP projector. Check it!


BenQ true 4K 8.3 million pixels will give your home cinema lifelike image clarity that even many commercial cinemas can’t match.


Wonders Come to Life with CinematicColor™. Images in true color can evoke feelings of sorrow, joy, romance, and excitement by color as the director envisioned.


Discerning eyes will appreciate the expanded dynamic range the HDR-PRO™ delivers, reproduce the realistic details of 4K content for unmatched viewing pleasure.

BenQ 4K Projectors No.1 Worldwide

As the world’s No.1 DLP projector brand, BenQ continues to dominate the #1 4K projector worldwide.

What do you need to know before building your 4K Home Theater System?

The top 7 tips to help you pick out the right 4K DLP projector. Check it!